School for Good

School for Good

The School for Good Enlightenment and Enchantment Edit

Only the purest and lightest of hearts are accepted into the School for Good.

There are 5 rules for the students at the School for Good to follow;

  1. The Good Defend
  2. The Good Forgive
  3. The Good Help
  4. The Good Give
  5. The Good Love

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The School for Good has four towers that the students live and learn in, Purity and Charity for girls to dorm and Honor and Valor for the boys. Inside the Honor Tower is Merlin's Menagerie, the Library of Virtue, Dorm Rooms, Common Rooms and Hansel's Haven (the candy classrooms). Agatha's dorm room is in Purity tower, room 51. Tedros' dorm room is in Honor Tower.

The School for Good is connected to the School for Evil by the Halfway Bridge and the Clearing that students can reach by going through the Tunnel of Trees. The Good side of Halfway Bay is a crystal clear lake separated from the moat by the School Master's tower. Be careful of Fergus, the magical wave that prevents Nevers from swimming into Ever territory.


Girls wear short pink pinafore's, sleeves poofed with carnations, over a white lace blouse.

The boys uniform consists of light blue shirts, beige breeches and tall navy boots matching high-cut waistcoats and knoted slim ties, whith have the first initial of the students name embroided in gold.


School for Good lessons, 1st Year
Session Faculty
Beautification /Grooming Professor Emma Anemone
Princess Etiquette /Chivalry Pollux
Animal Communication Princess Uma
History of Heroism Professor August Sader
Good Deeds Professor Clarissa Dovey
Surviving Fairy Tales Yuba the Gnome

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Honor Tower

Honor Tower

The books that a first year Ever Girl is required to study are:

  • The Privilege of Beauty
  • Winning Your Prince
  • The Recipe Book for Good Looks
  • Princess with a Purpose
  • Animal Speech 1: Barks, Neighs, & Chirps

School for GirlsEdit

During A World Without Princes the School for Good was transformed into the School for Girls with Evelyn Sader acting as Dean.

The uniform was changed to blue/silver dresses and having blue butterfly's (connected to Evelyn) flying around and landing on the students.